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15 European Countries to Study Abroad


Studying abroad especially in Europe comes at a price. If you can  afford the tuition and living cost in Europe, then you should count  yourself lucky. Also, if you’re able to get a scholarship opportunity  to study abroad, you’re also lucky.

In as much as studying abroad is expensive, there are also some low- cost universities in Europe for international that you can enrol today.  Additionally, some European countries also offer tuition-free tertiary  education to international students.

Furthermore, we’ll be bringing you the top 15 Low-Cost European  countries to study abroad as an international student. Apart from the  low tuition, we’re also considering the cost of living in these  countries for international students.
With a low budget, you can successfully earn your bachelors, masters or  PhD in any of these European countries

Below is the list of low-cost European countries to study abroad as an  international student. Explore these study destinations to earn your  degree abroad with a low budget.

1. Norway

Norway is one of the low-cost European countries to earn your degree  abroad. First, all public universities in Norway do not charge  international student tuition fees with the exception of a few  specialized programs.

Europe’s Nordic countries are known for their high quality of life and  stunning natural beauty, and Norway is no exception. Another reason to  study in Norway is the availability of English-taught programs at all  study levels, plus a high number of locals proficient in English.

Although the cost of living in Norway may be high, however, the cost of  living for students can be drastically reduced as a result of a  mandatory tax called the student union fee. Benefits of paying this tax  include taking school exams, discount on public transport, museums,  etc.

2. Germany

One of the best places to get an affordable education in Europe is  Germany. International students can enjoy tuition-free education in  most parts of Germany. The few German regions that charge tuition fee  have an average tuition fee as low as €500. An additional mandatory fee  of €32-64 is required per semester for the student union.

Additionally, the cost of living in German cities is not as expensive  as the living cost in other famous European cities. The overall cost  depends on the lifestyle of students. The cost of living for students  in Germany is estimated to be about €300 per month.

3. Belgium

Belgium is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. The  capital city of Belgium, Brussels, alongside other major cities in  Belgium host universities where international students can study  without spending a fortune.

In addition to the cheap tuition fee that is paid in universities in  Belgium, cities in Belgium are not financially demanding for  international students. Although the cost of living in Brussels and  other cities in Belgium is low, the standard of living is high.

With a tuition fee of €1,500 annually, international students can get a  good quality education in Belgium. However, you may want to make  enquiries as it pertains your interest to see if it’ll be an affordable  shot for you. This is because they give EU students more preference  than other foreign students.

4. Sweden

International students can study in Sweden at an affordable fee. Sweden  offers tuition-free education to EU/EEA/Switzerland students, however,  international students from non-EU countries are expected to pay  tuition fees.

However, many Swedish universities offer partial and full scholarships  packaged as tuition waivers for international students. If you are  enrolled in a school that is a partner university to universities in  Sweden, you can take part in their study abroad exchange programs. PhD  programs are free however, for international students.

5. Poland

Another European country where you can study abroad on a low budget is  Poland. Poland offers a high quality of education, along with plenty of  fantastic culture and history to explore.

As an international student, you can study for free if you can speak  Polish and if you take the same entrance exams as Polish students and  study your course in Polish. However, there are also many English- taught programs available, costing around €2,000-3000 per year.

Cost of living in Poland for students is also on the low side with an  average of €500 monthly. Interestingly, the capital city, Warsaw, was  ranked within the top 20 cities for affordability in the latest QS Best  Student Cities index, and 53rd overall.

6. Hungary

Hungary is among the cheapest European universities to study abroad for  international students. Tuition fees in Hungarian universities are  based on the school in question and the course of study.

However, you can get a quality education in Hungary at an affordable  price. The average tuition fee in universities in Hungary for  international students is €1,200. Additionally, the accommodation  charges are equally affordable.

Hungarian universities also have various scholarship packages for  international students. The overall cost of living in Hungarian cities  is inexpensive compared to other European cities, making the  destination one of the cheapest countries to study abroad. The cost of  living is about €450 to €500 per month.

7. Luxembourg

One of the cheapest countries to study in Europe is Luxembourg. With  its modern, multilingual and multicultural society, it will be one of  the most charming places you’ll ever visit! It’s also among the safest  destinations in Europe, making it perfect for an international student.

University education in Luxembourg is very affordable for both locals  and international students. Furthermore, there are hostels for  international students which are very affordable.

8. Cyprus

Geographically, Cyprus is located in Asia, however, it is part of the  EU. This, therefore, makes it a country in Europe. There are 12 major  universities in Cyprus and these universities attend to the academic  needs of over 6, 000 international students. The quality of education  in Cyprus is great. In addition to this, university education in Cyprus  is also affordable.

The amount that international students in Cyprus have to pay is a lot  dependent on the University and the type of degree. All things being  equal, international undergraduate students in Cyprus pay less than  €3,500 annually. This is with the exception of pharmacy. Tuition fee is  even less for postgraduate students as they have to pay between €2000  -2500 annually. In addition to the affordable tuition fees, the cost of  living in Cyprus is also affordable.

9. Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad in Europe,  with its universities offering one of the cheapest engineering and  medical education compared to other European countries. The admission  requirements are simple as TOEFL and ILETS are not required, all  payments are made on arrival.

The cost of living in Ukraine is low yet the standard of living  compares favourably with other European countries. There are also job  opportunities during the summer holidays. Deserving students are  assured of receiving a  student visa. The tuition fee starts at €1,700  to about €5,000 per year.

10. Finland

Prior to now, Finland was one of the countries known to offer lots of  tuition-free packages to international students. Although these  packages no longer exist, Finland is still one of the cheapest  countries to study in Europe for non-EU students.

Finland is not necessarily one of the cheapest places to study because  of tuition fees are cheap. International students who choose to study  in Finnish as opposed to English enjoys tuition-free education.

11. Austria

International students can study in some of the best universities in  Austria at a very affordable cost. EU students in any public university  in Austria is only expected to pay €19.20 per semester, while non-EU  foreign students pay €726.72 per semester.

Interestingly, international students from developing nations can have  quality education in Austria without the need to pay any tuition fee.  In addition to the cheap tuition fee for international students and the  free education that students from developing countries can have access  to, life for college students in Austria is also very affordable.

12. Netherlands

The Netherlands is not just a beautiful country. It is a country where  international students can get a good quality education at an  affordable price. Unlike other countries, tuition is not free for  international students, they’ll have to pay a certain amount for their  studies.

Nonetheless, the amount that international students have to pay to get  god quality education in this country is not one that will cause them  to undergo any strain financially.

13. Spain

Spain is very famous as a travel destination for many tourists from all  over the world. But in addition to that, it is also a very popular  choice for students who wish to study in Europe. Each year, the Spanish  government sets the course fees of the public universities to the  lowest level possible.

On the average, international students can pay between €1,500 to €5,000  as tuition fee per year.

14. Italy

Italy is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. With an  average tuition fee of €1,500 per academic year, international students  can get quality education in Italy.

In addition to the low tuition fees that international students that  are interested in studying in Italy have to pay, universities in Italy  make accommodation available at very affordable prices. While the  standard of education in Italy is generally high, there are certain  courses that are best studied in Italian universities.  These courses  cover areas such as humanities, history, and fashion.

15. Estonia

International students can also access quality education in Estonia  with a low budget. Although Estonian is the official language of  Estonia, there are many degree programs in this country that are taught  in English.

The tuition fees that international students studying in Estonia have  to pay is very low. This includes the fees for Masters Programs, as  well as that for Bachelors programs. Apart from medicine student which  pay more than €1,660 annually, other international students in Estonia  pay €1,660 per academic year.

Furthermore, there are certain people that do not have to pay tuition  fees while studying in an Estonian university. These people include  international students with exceptional academic performances and those  with financial difficulties.
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